‘A simple change’: Bill aims to include miscarriages in bereavement leave

Long Lunch 10/08/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

A new members' bill would allow up to three days bereavement leave after a parent experiences a miscarriage.

“It’s a very simple change,” Labour list MP Ginny Anderson said, remarking that the bill aims to clarify current bereavement leave laws.

The new bill clarifies the grounds for bereavement leave, particularly around leave granted for ‘the death of a child’.

“It’s not clear whether an unborn child qualifies,” Ms Anderson told RadioLIVE.

The Labour list MP says that the ambiguous law can cause women to have arguments with their employers, who ultimately can decide whether to grant leave for a miscarriage.

The bill would apply to both the mother and father who experienced the miscarriage.

“There’s a lot of grief involved. It gives women a chance to mourn.”

Listen to the full interview with Ginny Anderson above.

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