Australian ‘anti-feminist’ organises March for Men event

Long Lunch 02/08/2018
Sydney Watson. Photo: File.

A self-proclaimed anti-feminist has organised a March for Men in Melbourne, saying there is a collective assault on the male population.

YouTuber Sydney Watson says the event is to “show the men in our lives that we care,” and is not about taking away women’s rights of making negative statements about women.

 “A lot of the politicians, media and talking heads often have a lot of things to say about men in relation to the crimes that happen against women. And often when they talk about it, they talk about men collectively,” Ms Watson told RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen.

“And it comes across as them saying all men are negative, all men are criminals, and all men are rapists, and I just took exception to that. I just thought this is ridiculous; we shouldn’t be about people like this because ultimately there are criminals that are males and females.

“Collectively talking about men in this way only makes them feel more alienated and unwanted.

Ms Watson says both genders have their own “unique issues”, but need to work together on fighting these issues.

“If we want to have an equal society, and we want to have a functional society, it comes down to treating each other better.

“I think men are taking this hostility towards them that as that is being perpetuated and turning it inward, which is why I think we have such high suicide rates among men,” she said.

Ms Watson’s self-titled YouTube channel has nearly 30,000 subscribers and her other videos include provocative titles like 'White privilege doesn't exist', 'Why you aren't racist for hating multiculturalism' and '#MeToo ruined workplaces'.

In a video promoting the event, she states the march is "about men and women standing shoulder to shoulder to demonstrate that we're here for one another".

When we checked, almost 400 people had suggested they will attend the march on Facebook.

Listen to full interview with Sydney Watson above. 

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