Green Goddess: Natural weed killers

Long Lunch 14/08/2018
Photo: Getty.

Green Goddess natural weed killers by Wendyl Nissen.

All gardeners battle with weeds, and if you’re a green gardener, like me, you never use weedkiller because herbicides can damage the soil quality, leach into water supplies and pose a danger for you and your pets. In the old days they used to “salt the land” which means spraying weeds with a salt mixture.

I invented this weedkiller, which I’m reliably informed by those in the know will not harm the soil. You need to let it sit and get a few good showers of rain on it, but after that it should be good to go. And if you’re using this just for weeds on the driveway or similar, that is great. It uses soda ash as its base which is sodium carbonate. 

1kg soda ash
Warm water to make up 3 litres
2 tbsp dishwashing detergent

Mix the soda ash with another warm water to make up to 3 litres. Stir in the dishwashing detergent and get spraying.

Do this on a sunny, dry day as you don’t want the rain to wash it off, and leave it to dry. You will notice the weeds start to brown off within a few hours on a hot day.

Other weed killing Ideas:

Boil the jug and pour it straight on the weeds.

Spray neat vinegar straight onto the weeds.

To kill oxalis fill a 1 litre spray bottle with double strength white vinegar to which you add a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Spray on the weed and let dry. Repeat if necessary.

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