Green Goddess: Rash Decisions

Long Lunch 07/08/2018
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Green Goddess by Wendyl Nissen

Rash Decisions

I get so many emails from grateful people who find that once they stop using commercial laundry powders and swap to my natural ones their skin and that of their children cleared up. Here are some natural tips if you suffer from


  • Bathe in lukewarm, not too hot or too cold water.

  • Use natural, cold-pressed oils after washing. Apricot oil is particularly good.

  • Have an oatmeal bath. Tip in a cup of oatmeal and soak in it, or better still,put it in a cloth handkerchief, tie at the top and sponge yourself all over with it while in the bath.

  • Cotton clothing is a must, avoid all synthetics or wool.

  • Fake nails — avoid acrylics; a study found that the chemicals cause dermatitis.

  • Use cold milk as a dressing — put milk into a glass with ice cubes, let sit then put on to a gauze pad or thin piece of cotton and apply for 2–3minutes. Continue the process for 10 minutes.

  • Use good old-fashioned calamine lotion.

  • Look at your diet. Traditionally eggs, orange juice, and milk have been implicated, but it would pay to have an allergy test just to see.

  • Avoid quick changes in air temperature. Dress in layers cotton and avoid going from a cold room into a hot shower, for instance.

  • Use white toilet paper with no patterns or added fragrance — dyes and chemicals irritate.

  • Emollients containing urea can relieve itching because it is a sloughing agent.

  • With clothing, use perfume-free washing powders.


Turmeric and coconut oil ointment
1 tbsp grated raw turmeric (preferably) or use powdered
1 tbsp coconut oil

Mix together and store in an airtight jar. Apply two to three times a day. Particularly good for boils/pimples.

Kawakawa leaf
Grab a leaf and give it a bash. Apply to the wound and cover with a plaster. Replace daily.

Make your own handwash
This is so easy to make and one of my most popular recipes. Do be warned though that it is quite gluggy and comes out of the dispenser with an off-putting phlegm-like consistency rather than as a creamy, delicious commercial hand wash. That’s because it doesn’t have chemical emulsifiers and creamers in it. You’ll get used to it, I promise. The glycerine in this is a fantastic moisturiser for your hands.

250ml boiling water
2 Tbsp grated soap
2 tsp glycerine
2 tsp rosewater
10 drops rose geranium essential oil (or you could use lavender)

Add grated soap to boiling water, stir and then let sit for about 10 minutes until it melts. Then stir in glycerine, rose-water and essential oil. When the mixture is smooth, pour while still warm into an empty soap dispenser bottle, as when cold it will set to a jelly and be hard to pour.

*If this thickens up and becomes hard to get through the dispenser simply add some hot water and shake to thin.

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