More Kiwis aware of the effects of cold, damp homes - survey

Long Lunch 24/08/2018
Photo: Getty.

New Zealanders have a heightened awareness around the consequences of a damp, cold home compared to 2016 awareness, according to a new housing survey.

The HRV State of the Home Survey, conducted by research company Buzz Channel in association with Professor Charles Crothers, found 17 percent of New Zealanders have moved out because their house was too cold and 12 percent moved due to dampness.  

Prof Crothers said that illnesses that come about from cold, damp homes can affect work or even children who become too sick to go to school.

“Those illnesses are pretty real in their costs,” he told RadioLIVE.

Kiwis are more likely to move out due to coldness, with a greater influence for moving than for a better location, getting a bigger house, or moving away from a bad neighbour.  

“It just goes to show what the effects of bad buildings are,” he said.

The survey found that a warm home is a key driver of overall satisfaction with their current housing situation among home owners and renters.

Listen to full interview with Charles Crothers above.

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