The Long Lunch: In case you missed Friday

Long Lunch 03/08/2018

In case you missed The Long Lunch today, here are some of the best bits from Friday August 3rd 2018.

Hawke's Bay is a 'microclimate of prosperity'

Photo: Getty.

Graham Wall from Graham Wall Real Estate is a luxury home specialist and one of NZ’s leading real estate agents.

He joins The Long Lunch talking about how New Zealand’s luxury property market is starting to gain real momentum in regions outside Auckland and Queenstown.

Feature Interview: Mike Treen

Photo: The AM show.

Union leader Mike Treen discusses his recent ordeal at the hands of the Israeli military where he was - detained, tasered and beaten after taking time out from his Unite union activites to go on the Kia Ora Gaza flotilla.  

Weekend Treats: Olaf Blanke

Photo: Olaf Blanke

German artisan baker Olaf Blanke is our Weekend Treats guest this week from Olaf's bakery. He joins The Long Lunch and shares a recipe for cinnamon brioche buns which you can find here.

Concern over Cambodian general elections

Photo: Googlemaps.

Erin Handley, an Australian freelance journalist based in Cambodia, joins The Long Lunch on the concern expressed by Foreign Minister Winston Peters over Cambodia's general elections.

Assistance dog appeal week 

Photo: RadioLIVE.

Assistance Dogs NZ's Joy Marslin and Birgitte Harris join Wendyl Nissen in the studio. They've brought in Nyssa who is an assistance dog for Brigitte's daughter.

Assistance dog appeal week starts next week, for more details click here.

Hunting and Fishing with Terry Williams King

Photo: Stock.

Our resident hunting and fishing expert Terry Williams King discusses soft baiting.

Listen to all of the interviews from The Long Lunch above.

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