The Long Lunch: In case you missed Friday

Long Lunch 31/08/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are the best bits from The Long Lunch Friday 31st August 2018.

Nigel Farage

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The former UK Independence Party leader and the man who led the successful Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom Nigel Farage joined us ahead of his upcoming visit to New Zealand to look at the growing dissatisfaction in England with the way Brexit is going and why people tend to have the wrong impression of him. See full article here: Nigel Farage speaks candidly on his distaste for a ‘soft’ Brexit.

Professor claims biggest scientific fraud in history

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Dr Mark Bolland, associate professor at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences  tells Wendyl about super sleuth work he and a couple of fellow academics have done that has allegedly uncovered one of the biggest cases of scientific fraud in history.

Alpine Fault earthquake could happen in our lifetime 

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Dr Caroline Orchistron from the University of Otago tells us we need to come to grips with the idea that a huge Alpine Fault earthquake is going to happen in our lifetime.

Influential English music lawyer Ann Harrison

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The influential English music lawyer and author of the music industry bible Music: The Business on the state of the music industry and her appearance as a keynote speaker at the Going Global Music Summit in Auckland.

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