The Long Lunch: In case you missed Friday

Long Lunch 24/08/2018

In case you missed Friday, here are the best bits from The Long Lunch with Carly Flynn in for Wendyl Nissen.

"People say it's legal, but it's still an insidious, nasty, nasty business."

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Three months ago, the NZ Herald came under fire for its role in sex crimes against a young Auckland teenager, by publishing sex ads that sold the services of a teen, believed to be 18 in the ads, when it was revealed later on in court that she was 14. Stop Demand works to reduce the demand that drives the global sex trade. Denise Ritchie is the founder and barrister, and she says it's still happening.

Ms Ritchie claims that NZME has tightened up processes and in a time when we're asking for greater respect for women, shouldn't the publisher "step-up and get it sorted"?

Doughnuts, pies, happiness

Photo: The Pie Piper.

Danielle Butler from Auckland-based dessert shop The Pie Piper joins Carly Flynn in The Long Lunch studio for our Weekend Treats segment. She discusses doughnuts, American-style sweet pies and happiness. For her Kia Ora Lime Bar recipe click here.

New Zealand Poetry Day

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Siobhan Harvey, poet and lecturer in creative writing at Auckland’s AUT, discusses the significance of Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day (today) and the role poetry plays in New Zealand society.

Why do people move?

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Professor Charles Crothers, AUT professor of sociology, talks about the research he has conducted which shows 35 percent of Kiwis feel their health is worsened by in-house mould, and nearly 20 percent have been forced to move because their houses are too cold.

Getting the boat ready for summer

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Our resident hunting and fishing expert Terry Williams King shares tips for getting the boat ready for summer.

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