The Long Lunch: In case you missed Monday

Long Lunch 06/08/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are some of the best bits from The Long Lunch on Monday August 6th 2018.

Cow attack explained

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Lori Marino joins The Long Lunch, a neuroscientist and expert in animal behaviour and intelligence to talk about the actions of a herd of “possessed” cows who attacked and injured a man tearing chunks of flesh from his skin in South Auckland’s Totara Park yesterday.

'Robo Taxis' could end congestion

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Paul Minett, Trip Convergence co-founder discusses the extraordinary transportation revolution in our cities that could ultimately see as many as 100,000 driverless ‘robo taxis’ in a future Auckland where roads aren’t choked with vehicles.

Candy crooks on the rise

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Phil Thomson, Auror co-founder discusses the recent rise of ‘candy crooks’ in New Zealand, how confectionary converts into cash for baddies, and how to make sure you’re not engaging in the purchasing of black market sweeties.

Mate With a Plate: Smokey T's Tristran Anderson

Photo: Tristran Anderson.

Tristan Anderson, chef and co-owner of Smokey T’s in Christchurch is our Mate With a Plate today on The Long Lunch.

You can find his recipe for St Louis smoked ribs here.

Bag of Books with Joan Mackenzie

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Here are the books Joan Mackenzie from Whitcoulls is reviewing today.

Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage
This has a great premise, a 7 year old child who’s clearly something of a psychopath who's mother is increasingly terrified of her, but her father thinks she’s his special little girl. She spends her time plotting how to get rid of her mother so she and her Daddy can be on their own.

Kiwi Backyard by former All Black Andy Ellis 

No Limits by Joanne Black
This is about the life of Craig Heatley, NZ entrepreneur – from a paper round boy in the Hutt Valley to Chairman of the Media Committee at the Augusta golf masters, Rainbows End and Sky TV.

More Kiwi firefighters deploy to Canada tonight

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John Rasmussen Fire and Emergency New Zealand's Rural Operations National Manager is talking about the deployment of another 54 firefighters and an 11-person incident management team flying out tonight to help combat the wildfires in Canada, and the reciprocal agreements in place which allow firefighters to travel abroad to help international colleagues in need.

Food News

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Food News with Lauraine Jacobs, food columnist for NZ Listener Magazine joins The Long Lunch today looking at kumara. Why do they only grow in the Kaipara and what are the different ways of cooking them?

Listen to all of the interviews from The Long Lunch above.

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