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Long Lunch 03/09/2018

Did you miss The Long Lunch with Wendyl Nissen on Monday, 3rd September?
Don't worry, we have all the best bits right here.

Donella Knox daughter being released from prison after serving 2 years for her daughter's murder

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49-year-old Donella Knox is set to be released from prison later this week, after serving two years of a 4-year sentence for murder.

Knox killed her autistic daughter at their Blenheim home in May 2016 after a 20-year battle in which she witnessed multiple violent outbursts and years of feeling let down by New Zealand's health system.

Wendyl Nissen talked with the lawyer of Donella Knox, Simon Shamy, who says she is 'very happy' to be released from prison in a couple of days time.

Lifeline missing 1 in 4 calls due to funding shortage

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Lifeline is receiving over 10,000 phone calls and 3,800 texts per month because of its name recognition and long track record.

The executive director of Lifeline, Glenda Schnell, talks with Wendyl Nissen on the problems the suicide prevention helpline is facing, including an increase in the volume of calls of people in severe distress and the staggering fact that one in four calls is being missed because of a funding shortage.

Study says kids are happier with pet rats over dogs and cats

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The rats are where it’s at - according to a new study from RightPet, an online pet products and services review site.

The RightPet Pet Ownership Study, which was conducted online between 2010 and 2018, surveyed more than 16,792 individuals from 113 nations and received 64,284 reviews on 32 types of pets and livestock.

Perhaps one of the most surprising take aways from the extensive study is the deep love today’s children have for pet rats.

The same study also found that women prefer cats to dogs, while men like both pets equally. Dog owners tend to be happier with larger canines, too.

Lizzie Marvelly joins Wendyl in studio to talk about her new book

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Lizzie Marvelly, the Kiwi singer, writer, producer and activist joined Wendyl Nissen in studio today to promote her new book titled 'That F Word: Growing Up Feminist in Aotearoa'. Marvelly describes her book as 'a wake-up call and a battle-cry for all Kiwi women'.

Bag of books with Joan Mackenzie from Whitcoulls

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Joan Mackenzie brings in 3 books each week to look at. Here are today's picks.

Dopesick by Beth Macy. About the entirely man-made opioid crisis in America, largely driven by an avaricious and self interested pharmaceutical company, and the authorities took no notice. I could talk about that one for hours.

Women, Equality, Power by Helen Clark. It’s a collection of her speeches, which is selling very well. My jury is out on this one, but it's specifically for political junkies.

A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne. Possibly best known for the kids book 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', John Boyne alternates between books for kids and books for older readers. This new one is about an older writer who takes a wannabe author under his wing – trouble is the younger man has absolutely no good ideas of his own, so he steals them from other people. It’s brilliant!

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