The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 07/08/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are some of the best bits from Tuesday August 7th 2018.

Call for mandatory organ donation

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Jessica Manning is a young Auckland woman born with six heart conditions. She is waiting for a suitable organ donor with only a few years to live. Ms Manning joins Wendyl Nissen to talk about her push to make organ donation mandatory in New Zealand.

Support for those leaving their religion

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Imtiaz Shams, ‘Ex Muslim and Cultural Muslim’ and co-founder of the Faith to Faithless group joins The Long Lunch talking about helping connect and support people who have left religion and his appearance at the Humanist International Conference held in Auckland over the weekend.

Science & Innovation: Whale skeleton preservation smelly but rewarding job

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David Stremmer, collection manager at the South Australian Museum's skeleton preparation facility, talks about what can be a two-year process of preserving a complete whale skeleton at the world class facility that is unique to Australia.

Maritime patrol finds illegal fishing and cocaine in Fiji

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Major General Tim Gall, the commander of Joint Forces New Zealand, talks about the major combined maritime patrol operation currently taking place in Fiji that has seen 140 vessels inspected so far in the quest to discourage illegal fishing in the area.

Compassion fatigue - is it inevitable?

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Charles Figley, noted psychologist and family therapist talks to Wendyl Nissen about the concept of ‘compassion fatigue’ and the notion that becoming numb to the ever worsening headlines in an age of 24 hour news is inevitable.

Huge support the reason for success in nurse pay negotiations

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New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation industrial services manager Cee Payne joins The Long Lunch discussing the end of nearly a year of negotiations between the DHBs and nurses, healthcare assistants and midwives over the terms of their collective agreement.

Newshub Travel with Dan Lake

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Newshub Travel's Dan Lake joins Wendyl Nissen talking about the Spice Girls expo in London and how Auckland's top attractions tour bus could do better. For more click here.

Cookies for pregnancy and lactation

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As breastfeeding week comes to an end, Fran Woods joins The Long Lunch to discuss Franjo's Kitchen which produces pregnancy, lactation cookies and lactation smoothies.

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