The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 14/08/2018

In case you missed The Long Lunch today, here are the best bits from Tuesday August 14th 2018.

How did planejacker learn required skills?

Photo: Credit McKenna Brown Twitter.

Leslie Josephs, CNBC airline reporter joins Wendyl Nissen with the latest on the case of Richard Russell, the 29-year-old who stole and crashed a 76-seat plane after a four hour joyride over the weekend, and what the tragedy will mean for the airline’s future.

'I feel like Facebook enable a lot of the abusers'

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Lani Wendt Young is a Samoan author, talking on The Long Lunch about the torrent of online abuse she has received including rape and death threats - following her testimony about being a survivor of child sexual abuse and the apparently indifferent attitude of the New Zealand Police toward her claims.

Phil Goff's a great guy but we need to run Auckland like a provence not a city

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John Palino, two time Auckland Mayoral candidate on the many mistakes he believes current Mayor Phil Goff and the Auckland Council are making, and how he can put things right if he makes it third time lucky in 2019.

How to save on your power bill

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Tim Rudkin, One Big Switch New Zealand chief executive discusses how nine in 10 New Zealanders believe they are paying too much for electricity, and how Kiwis can save money on their power bills at this chilly time of the year.

Construction field trips go virtual

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Dr Michael Rehm, senior lecturer in the department of property at the University of Auckland Business School talks about the groundbreaking technology that is allowing students to learn about construction and leaky homes via virtual reality field trips.

The Omega Principle

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Paul Greenberg joins Wendyl Nissen, author of The Omega Principle: Seafood and the Quest for a Long Life and a Healthier Planet.

Baby Boomers Panel with Judy Callingham & Brian Edwards

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Judy Callingham and Brian Edwards are on our Baby Boomers panel this week, talking about Simon Bridges, Don Brash, swearing on air, debate etiquette, tertiary education and the haka.

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