The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 28/08/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are the best bits from The Long Lunch, Tuesday August 28th 2018.

Lobby group against taxpayer funding for All Blacks

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Louis Houlbrooke, the Taxpayers’ Association spokesperson talks to Wendyl Nissen about the lobby group’s assertion that the Government should not get involved in bankrolling the All Blacks as part of the New Zealand union’s battle with cashed up European rugby clubs.

Joe Satriani to return to New Zealand

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Wendyl Nissen is joined by Joe Satriani on The Long Lunch talking about his incredible career, latest album and his imminent return to New Zealand.

Veterans on McCain's passing

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Joe Davis, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US (VFW) national spokesperson talks about the passing of John McCain, his wishes not to have Donald Trump attend his funeral, and the current US President’s claim that he prefered war heroes “who weren’t captured”.

Baby Boomers Panel

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Louise Wallace & Bruce Hopkins are our Baby Boomers today on The Long Lunch. They are talking about whether the government should be chipping in for the All Blacks, the new Australian Prime Minister and is it ok to put your rubbish in your neighbours’ bin?

Repairers fed up with way insurers process vehicle claims

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Neil Pritchard, Collision Repair Association general manager, discusses research which shows panel beatersare fed up with the way insurers are processing vehicle claims and the 15 year old pricing model they are working within.

Science & Innovation: How tricky it is to find out what breeds are in your pup

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Lisa Gunter, research fellow at the Arizona university department of psychology, talks about the genetic testing and research into shelter animals in the US which shows staff correctly identified a pup’s primary or secondary breed just 67 percent of the time.

Super sheep to save on lawnmowing bills

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Liam Templeton, Watercare environmental technician, discusses the new breed of Coopworth super sheep that have just arrived at the company’s Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant that will help save over $160k of public money for lawn-mowing services over the next 13 years.

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