The Long Lunch: In case you missed Wednesday

Long Lunch 08/08/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are some of the best bits from The Long Lunch, Wednesday August 8th 2018.

Catherine Tate

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Catherine Tate joins The Long Lunch as her November tour sells out and she adds more dates.

First openly gay Anglican priest makes history

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Chris Swannell, the former Russell church deacon, discusses creating history by becoming the first New Zealander in an openly gay relationship to become an Anglican priest, the groundswell of support he has had at Christ Church, and what it means for the LGBT community.

Graham Norton and Invivo release fifth vintage and a Prosecco

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Invivo Wines co-founder Tim Lightbourne joins The Long Lunch to talk about another successful collaboration with Graham ‘The Nose’ Norton, who is about to release his fifth vintage, and becoming New Zealand’s largest equity crowdfunded company.

Kiwi Backyard

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Andy Ellis the former All Blacks halfback and pro rugby player joins The Long Lunch talking about his other life as a part-time landscape gardener (and former Ellerslie Flower Show gold medal winner) and the release of his new book, Kiwi Backyard, and the seemingly unlikely role gardening plays in his life.

Wildfire specialist disputes Trump's tweets

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Bill Stewart, a forestry specialist at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses Donald Trump’s claims that California is wasting water as wildfires that have now claimed at least seven lives and forced thousands to flee continue to burn.

Backyard Banter with Lynda Hallinan

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Lynda Hallinan joins The Long Lunch for this week's Backyard Banter looking at great ideas for kids in the garden. Some suggestions include: Cacti gardens that you just, can't kill, sowing eggshells filled with cress seed, and sacrificial slug and snail gardens.

Parenting Panel: Become a stronger family

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The Parenting Panel with John Cowan and Yvonne Godfrey talk about building stronger families this week.

We urge people to know what they're doing

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Phil Melchior, Wanaka Search & Rescue spokesperson, talks about the rescue of Terry Harch on Mount Aspiring last week, the time and cost involved, and the revelation that it was the second time the Australian soldier has been rescued while climbing mountains in New Zealand.

Musician of the week: Martin Phillips from The Chills

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Martin Phillips from The Chills joins The Long Lunch with some of his favourite tracks and a couple of previews from their upcoming album Snow Bound.

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