The Long Lunch: In case you missed Wednesday

Long Lunch 29/08/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are the best bits from The Long Lunch Wednesday 28th August 2018.

Australian border patrol certainly not a cheap exercise

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Roman Quaedvlieg, former head of Australia's Border Force on the migrants who are on the run after their boat sank in croc-infested Queensland waters, and the problems Australia faces with asylum seekers targeting remote parts of its coastline.

He says while Operation Southern Borders is working, it is costing the government a lot of money.

Is the Catholic Church "brand" tarnished?

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Dr. Binoy Kampmark, senior lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, talks about the apparent move from within the Catholic Church to out Pope Francis as a hypocrite in the business of targeting child abuse, in the wake of a shocking testimony from a Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former Vatican Ambassador to the U.S Cardinal Carlo Maria Viganò.

Kampmark says the church's 'brand' has been tarnished as a result of this in some areas.

NZ's first bush school gets tick from education review office

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Joey Moncarz, the Deep Green Bush School co-founder and head teacher, discusses New Zealand’s first bush school, its relatively unconventional methodology and the resounding tick the Clevedon-based school has been given by the Education Review Office.

Backyard Banter with Lynda Hallinan

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Lynda Hallinan joins Wendyl Nissen for Backyard Banter talking about Melania Trump wearing heels and a $4,000 skirt in the Whitehouse garden, what she likes to wear in the garden, anemones and what seeds to plant right now.

Here are your tasks for the garden this weekend:
1. Bird proof your roofs - it's breeding season for birds and rats to get into the rafters.
2. When weeding, clear one bed completely at a time, then move onto the next.
3. Get ready to start spraying apple trees for codling moth.
4. Plant lilies and dahlia tubers for summer colour.
5. Plant punnets of lettuce, rocket, bok choy etc for quick greens.

Virtual heart gives more accurate treatment

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Dr Jichao Zhao, senior research fellow at the university of Auckland’s Bioengineering Institute, talks about creating a virtual 3D heart that could have a major impact on treatment of the most common heart rhythm disturbance, atrial fibrillation.

How often should you clean your car?

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Eric Thompson joins us for Drive Time on The Long Lunch with the brutal reality on how often you need to wash your car.

How to be a good dad

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This week on The Parenting Panel with John Cowan and Yvonne Godfrey we look at the value of Fathers ahead of Father's Day this weekend.

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