Green Goddess: Garden fertilisers

Long Lunch 18/09/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

Making natural fertilisers for your garden by Wendyl Nissen

You don’t have to buy fertiliser, you can gather it.

Seaweed: After a big storm get to the beach and gather up kelp to make seaweed tea. We do this regularly up in the Hokianga and have a 40-litre black rubbish bin with a tight-fitting lid filled with tea. To get started, fill with water and throw a few big bits of seaweed in (I often throw some comfrey leaves in,too, as I have it growing wild). Leave in a warm place for about a month then use the tea diluted 1:4 with water to the colour of weak tea on your plants. Just get a watering can and pour it on. Top the rubbish bin up with more water and some more seaweed. It’s also great to throw seaweed in the compost bin.Or follow my old friend Tau Henare’s advice—he swears by planting it under potatoes. I just dig a hole and throw it in anywhere I feel like.

Cow manure: I take an onion bag and gather up some cow pats and put them in the bag. After I’ve tied it off I put it in a 40 litre rubbish bin and leave for a few weeks. Then I use it the same as the seaweed tea.

Horse manure: Look on the roadside outside your local pony club and you’ll often see it bagged up for free or a small donation. Just throw it on your garden and let it sink in before planting.

Vinegar: Acid-loving plants like azaleas, daphne and gardenias will benefit if you pour on 1 cup vinegar diluted with 4 litres water.

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