Green Goddess: Stain removal guide

Photo: Stock.

Green Goddes stain removal by Wendyl Nissen.

Here are some stain removal ideas I recommend, but the key to stain removal is to act fast. The longer you leave a stain the harder it is to treat it.

  • Blood: Cold water and soap if you get onto it straight away.Otherwise, soak in a bucket of water with half a cup of washing soda overnight. Or spray directly with soda water.

  • Butter, grease, make-up: Dab on undiluted glycerine as a prewash, then soak in a bucket of water with 1/2 cup washing soda overnight. If that doesn’t work, try some eucalyptus oil or, if you don’t have that, some turps and dab it on with a cotton ball to try to dissolve the stain.

  • Chewing gum: Eucalyptus oil dabbed on neat. You can try freezing the gum and pulling it off, but it’s never worked for me.

  • Crayons: Try a paste of baking soda and liquid soap. Glycerine as a pre-wash.

  • Grass: Dab on white distilled vinegar or glycerine.

  • Ink: Dab on milk, white distilled vinegar or cut a lemon in half, dip in salt and rub on. Also try soaking in vodka.

  • Perspiration: If it’s an old stain, try white vinegar. I’ve had some success using methylated spirits. Or you could try glycerine.

  • Wine: Douse with soda water or make a paste of baking soda and water and rub onto stain.White wine poured directly onto red wine will also work if you do it straight away.

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