Helen Clark compares her tenure to Jacinda Ardern’s

Long Lunch 05/09/2018

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is a big fan of Jacinda Ardern, but admits that the two female politicians took on the Prime Minister role under very different circumstances.

“I came to the job after really decades of fighting,” said Ms Clark. “Fighting within my own party, fighting for causes.”

Ms Clark says the current Prime Minister was essentially asked to step in to lead the Labour Party.

Indeed, Ms Ardern had previously indicated she didn’t want to lead the caucus after seeing the demands it put on Ms Clark and herself as a staffer.

“I had walked over burning coals really, to get to that job,” Ms Clark said with a chuckle.

The self-described “freelance public advocate” recently published her new book, Women, Equality, Power: Selected Speeches from a Life of Leadership, featuring a curated collection of her speeches made over her lifetime.

Watch the full interview with Helen Clark above. 

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