Only in NZ: Seal slaps Kiwi kayaker in face with octopus

Long Lunch 27/09/2018
Photo: Instagram.

A group of tourists kayaking off the Kaikoura coast have been left shocked after a seal slapped a member of the party with an octopus.

Video of the encounter has gone viral online overnight.

“I got slapped in the face by an octopus, by a seal fighting the octopus – it’s crazy,” Kyle Mulinder, a Kiwi travel blogger told RadioLIVE.

We set the internet on fire!

Mr Mulinder says the group were out on the water shooting with the new GoPro Hero 7 camera when they saw the seal having a tussle with the octopus so they watched it for a while.

 “We saw this giant male seal fighting an octopus and the octopus came up, it was quite a way away and then all of a sudden it just went down.

“The next thing – out of nowhere […] it literally comes up out of nowhere, and they fight and I get tentacles to the face,” Mr Mulinder said.

After the octopus detached itself Mr Mulinder can be seen exclaiming in surprise while his friends laugh.

Despite a hefty fight by the seal, the octopus was crowned winner at the end of the brawl, seen in the video clinging to safety on Mr Mulinder’s kayak until it was removed.

Listen to the full interview with Kyle Mulinder above.

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