The Long Lunch: In case you missed Friday

Long Lunch 07/09/2018

In case you missed The Long Lunch today, here are the best bits to listen back to from Friday, September 7th 2018.

The New Zealand-born Australian Senator returning to our shores

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New Zealand born Australian senator Derryn Hinch this week found himself on the sharp end of a Pauline Hanson rant - told by the Queenslander to “go back to New Zealand to pick up your manners Derryn".

He discusses his tete a tete with Pauline Hanson, his return to Langi Kal Kal prison today, and the current state of Australian politics.

A call to address Maori homelessness

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Matthew Tukaki, chairman of the National Maori Authority, is calling on the Government to curb the disproportionate rate of Maori homelssness in New Zealand.

Let's take a trip to space

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NASA astronaut Scott Kelly joins the Long Lunch to take a look at the record-breaking year he spent aboard the International Space Station - what it’s like out there and what it’s like now, back here, being one of the only identical twins in space history.

He also takes a look at the release of his new book, Endurance.

The man jumping out of a plane 100 times

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Christchurch-based sport skydiver/account manager Steve Gregor joins Carly Flynn on the Long Lunch to take a look at his upcoming attempt to set a New Zealand record.

Mr Gregor aims to complete more than 100 skydives in a single day (dubbed The Hundred Jump Project) to raise money for the Canterbury Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

Unsolved Kiwi cases coming back under the microscope

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The investigative and true crime author Scott Bainbridge joins Carly Flyyn on the Long Lunch. The pair explore his life operating as an NZ Transport Authority investigator by day and investigating this country’s much darker secrets by night. 

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