The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

Long Lunch 13/09/2018

If you missed the show on Thursday, here are the best bits to listen back to from today 13th September 2018.

Coward punch needs spotlight

Photo: Matt King The AM Show.

National MP Matt King discusses his Crimes Amendment Bill, including coward punch causing death, which now has a chance of becoming law after it was drawn from the ballot at Parliament on September 6.

Kiwi boxing champion Joseph Parker has thrown his heavyweight support for the Bill.

Mr King says jurys are reluctant to convict people of manslaughter and he hopes an offence of death caused by assault is more easily proven.

What makes a well designed city?

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Allison Arieff talks about the role that good design should play in our daily lives.

She's a respected American writer on architecture and urban issues, a recipient of the 2018 Heller Prize for Cultural Commentary and is heading to New Zealand shortly.

She says walkability is top of her list for making a great city.

Shopping around for electricity is just too hard

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One Big Switch New Zealand CEO Tim Rudkin talks about the smoke and mirrors used and questions that remain unanswered from this week's report on the Energy Review.

The review found that since the 90s the price for power has risen 79 percent.

Mr Rudkin says it shouldn't be as hard as it is to compare electricity prices.

Allergy season is here for pets

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Shalsee Vigeant, SPCA veterinary ambassador and associate veterinarian at Vet Care Grey Lynn talks us through allergy season for your pets.

She says there is a lot you can do to help an itchy dog before needing to medicate.

Health, Mind and Body: Sleep

Photo: Unsplash.

Dr Alex Bartle, sleep specialist and director of Sleep Well Clinics in New Zealand joins The Long Lunch for Health, Mind and Body with tips for getting a good sleep.

He says sleep is all about confidence and if you want to have a 'nana nap' do it early and make it less than 20 minutes or an hour and a half.

Social media & technology with Vaughn Davis

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RadioLIVE's Sunday Social host Vaughn Davis joins The Long Lunch to discuss the Kupu app from Spark and Google, the new Apple iPhone unveiling, plus the increase in Apple Pay fraud and how according to an Australian blogger.

Vaughn also looks at Chinese airline-operated flights offering free in flight wifi who are applying the same “great firewall of China” rules all over the world as they would in China - that means no Facebook or Twitter and restrictions on many western news sites.

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

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John Whitehead, a Charlottesville based constitutional attorney and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People talks about what he doesn’t like about life in post 9/11 America.

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