The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

Long Lunch 20/09/2018

In case you missed the show today, here are the best bits to listen back to from The Long Lunch Thursday September 20th 2018.

Cook's Endeavour wreck may have been found off US coast

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Kevin Sumption, director of the Australian National Maritime Museum, discusses claims Captain James Cook’s ship the HMS Endeavour has been found in Newport Harbour, off the coast of the United States.

Has one of the greatest maritime mysteries finally been solved?

Journalist who infiltrated the KKK in the 70's talks about his experience

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Dick Lehr, professor of journalism at Boston University talks about how, like Ron Stallworth in the BlacKkKlansman movie, he went undercover to infiltrate the KKK in 1979 and met former Grand Wizard David Duke.

He says they were just garden variety racists.

Forty one thousand dollars worth of insects stolen

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John Cambridge, owner and chief executive of the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion talks about the theft of over seven thousand insects and spiders ranging from tarantulas to scorpions to millipedes and why he’s sure it was an inside job.

He says they have been fortunate other museums across the country have reached out to send them things and help them rebuild.

Fluffy Ice age mummified animals discovered

The preserved wolf pup. Photo: Government of Yukon.

Grant Zazula, a Yukon palaeontologist joins Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch talking about the preserved remains of a wolf pup and caribou which have given the world a glimpse of life some 50,000 years ago in Canada.

The creatures, which were found in 2016 in the Yukon by gold miners, have been determined to be among the oldest mummified mammal soft tissue in the world.

“It’s incredibly rare,” said Zazula.

The wolf pup was likely to have been around eight weeks old when it died, says Yukon palaeontologist Grant Zazula.

“It looks like a little puppy that maybe died last week and got taxidermied... It’s cute, it really is.”

According to the BBC, the caribou remains include the torso, head, and front limbs.

Both animals were discovered with fur, skin, and muscle tissue intact.

Health, Mind and Body: Grow Younger and More Beautiful

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Dr Cat Stone, founder of The Face Place jins The Long Lunch for Health, Mind and Body this week. She is releasing her new book Grow Younger and More Beautiful as you Age next month.

Emmy wrap with Hollywood reporter Marc Malkin

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Marc Malkin from Variety gives us the wrap from the Emmys and the after parties on The Long Lunch.

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