Interpersonal managers could help nix workplace bullying - expert

Long Lunch 04/10/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

Employers can help prevent workplace bullying by hiring managers with strong interpersonal skills, suggests one expert.

Bevan Catley, Massey University’s Healthy Work Group director, says employers should consider skills that may be beyond a candidate’s practical skills.

Often managers are selected for their technical skills to do the job, explains Mr Catley, with little consideration given to a prospective manager’s interpersonal competencies.

Interpersonal skills include proactivity, good communication, and the ability to manage people and conflict.

“Those are the ones that are likely to be very influential in helping combat ill treatment,” Mr Catley told RadioLIVE.

Studies suggest that between one in five and one in three New Zealand workers report bullying or harassment annually.

While Mr Catley is unsure if there are more bullying cases in recent years, he admits that there are certainly more cases being reported.

“That’s clearly a good thing. Because unless incidents get reported, nothing is going to happen.”

Listen to the full interview with Bevan Catley above.

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