Kiwis favour homegrown pot as cannabis reform option - survey

Long Lunch 24/10/2018
Homegrown cannabis. Photo: Getty.

More New Zealanders would prefer to see cannabis restricted to home-grown operations if it were to become legalised for personal use, according to a survey.

“I think that really suits the culture of cannabis in New Zealand,” said Chris Wilkins, Massey University associate professor and leader of the study.

The New Zealand Drug Trends Survey, completed by 6300 people, gave participants ten options for managing recreational cannabis use ranging from prohibition to a profit-driven market.

Men were more likely to support profit-driven options.

Of those who indicated a preference, nearly 30 percent of respondents favoured home production and use only.

Dr Wilkins likened the option to a home-brewed alcohol market without retail outlets or commercial markets.  

Another option was a community-based trust that would supply cannabis without attempting to increase the market.

“That community trust would then give a proportion of all the sales from cannabis back to the community,” Dr Wilkins told RadioLIVE.

But the majority of respondants (at 36 percent) showed no preference among the various cannabis reforms options. 

The survey also broke down demographics associated with the ten cannabis reform options.

Maori and those living in rural communities were less likely to support a profit-driven cannabis system, according to Dr Wilkins.

On the contrary, men were more likely to support profit-driven options.

“And the older you were, the more likely you were to support not-for-profit different approaches,” said Dr Wilkins.

While the survey wasn’t intended to be representative of the New Zealand population, Dr Wilkins said the survey’s 6300 sample size was fairly consistent with the country’s population breakdown, albeit with some bias.

Dr Wilkins says the survey was intended to get feedback from New Zealanders who were well-informed about the substance.

Listen to the full interview with Chris Wilkins above.

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