Mark Lundy’s freedom bid denied: ‘The war goes on’ - lawyer

Long Lunch 10/10/2018
Photo: Newshub.

A legal bid by convicted double murderer Mark Lundy has been rejected by the Court of Appeal.

The ruling says his appeal should be dismissed on the basis no substantial miscarriage of justice has actually occurred.

Mr Lundy was twice convicted of killing his wife, Christine, 38 and daughter, Amber, 7. Their bodies were found at their home in Palmerston North in August 2000.

His lawyer Jonathan Eaton QC says the primary argument in the appeal was the admissibility of novel science.

The Crown said stains on Mr Lundy’s shirt, a point of debate in both his trials and the appeal, showed brain or spinal cord matter from Christine. The defence argued though it could have been food.

The Court decided the scientific evidence the Crown relied on, RNA - similar to DNA, was inadmissible.

Yet Mr Lundy's appeal was still dismissed as it was found there was no significant miscarriage of justice. 

Jonathan Eaton QC says they may have lost this battle but “the war goes on”.

“[Mr Lundy’s] had an extraordinary experience with the justice system.”

“But we still don’t have the outcome that he is seeking,” he told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Eaton QC above.

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