Nadia Lim, Amanda Gillies surprise Wendyl Nissen on her last show

Long Lunch 12/10/2018

Celebrity chef Nadia Lim and The AM Show host Amanda Gillies called in to the Long Lunch to bid farewell to host Wendyl Nissen.

Nissen announced earlier this month that she would be stepping down from her radio position in order to spend more time with her parents, who live in the Hokianga.

Gillies admitted to Nissen that she’s long admired the journalist and broadcaster, and is sad to see her go.  

“You have been my girl crush for as long as I can remember,” Gilles added with a laugh.

Gillies told Nissen that she hopes to see her more on The AM Show, particularly with her “chemistry” with Duncan Garner.

“We’ll miss you, we love you, we wish you the very best…”

“Stop making me cry,” Nissen responded.

Listen to the full farewell above. 

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