Northland doctor to oppose David Seymour’s euthanasia Bill

Long Lunch 02/10/2018
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A Bay of Islands doctor is set to oppose ACT leader David Seymour’s euthanasia Bill.

Mr Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill passed its first reading last year, and is currently before a select committee.

The Bill seeks to give adults suffering a terminal illness or a grievous or incurable medical condition the option of medically assisted death.

A Newshub-Reid Research poll found 71 percent of the country supports euthanasia, with 19.5 percent against and 9.5 percent unsure.

At a public meeting to be held in Northland this week, Dr Chris Reid will share his differing views against euthanasia and Mr Seymour’s Bill.

Dr Reid told RadioLIVE’s Wendyl Nissen it’s an “incredibly difficult subject”.

“Doctors have a varying opinion on [Mr Seymour’s Bill]. I think we need to focus on what’s not on the bill, which is palliative care.

“What palliative care can offer, if it’s funded and given properly, can often deal with a lot of the anxieties and fears that people have which is why they support the Bill in the first place,” he said.

This week’s debate has been organised by Northland MP Matt King, who says he is "genuinely undecided" on whether the bill should become law.

Mr King voted for the bill to go through to the select committee process so the public had a chance to have their say.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Chris Reid above.

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