The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 16/10/2018

If you missed the show, here are the best bits to listen back to from The Long Lunch, Tuesday October 16th, 2018.

Jami-Lee Ross has "thrown his toys out of the cot"

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Former National party president, Michelle Boag discusses today’s caucus meeting regarding the future of embattled MP Jami-Lee Ross. Ms Boag explores why this has been a shot in the arm for the leadership of Simon Bridges.

Tova O'Brien on fallout of Ross/Bridges saga

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Tova O’Brien, Newshub political editor, discusses the fallout from the Jami-Lee Ross and Simon Bridges ministerial expenses saga. Tova explains the likely impact it will have for the individuals involved and for the National party itself . 

Is it time to clean up the rodeo?

Lyal Cocks, New Zealand Rodeo & Cowboys president, explains why his organisation is happy with the recommendations made by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee to tidy up rodeo procedures and practices .

Is Donald Trump on a collision course with impeachment?

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Professor Jeffrey A Engel, director of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University and co-author of the new book Impeachment: An American History discusses why US president Donald Trump appears to be on a collision course with impeachment .

NZ's most famous police officer spills all

Credit: Newshub.

Graham Bell, former Detective Inspector and arguably New Zealand’s best known police officer, discusses his decorated 33-year police career, exploring everything from hosting the highly-popular Police Ten 7 show for over a decade, Cold cases, and the problems with the new breed of NZ police.

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