The Long Lunch: In case you missed Wednesday

Long Lunch 10/10/2018

If you missed the show, here are the best bits to listen back to from The Long Lunch, Wednesday October 10th, 2018.

 ‘Brain tissue shouldn’t have gone to jury’- Lundy's lawyer 

Credit: Newshub.

Barrister Jonathan Eaton, lawyer for convicted double murderer Mark Lundy, discusses a possible review of inadmissible evidence. 

Dreamworld's Coronal Inquest reveals new information

Credit: Getty.

Brisbane Times reporter Lucy Stone speaks to Wendyl Nissen about newly revealed factors leading up to the 2016 Dreamworld tragedy.

Youtube star reveals the positive effects of medication

Jessica McCabe. Photo: YouTube.

Youtube personality Jessica McCabe joins Wendyl Nissen to discuss the positive effects of medication on ADHD.

Migrant sex workers seeking travel, study funds

Associate Professor Gillian Abel from the University of Otago discusses the new study of New Zealand’s migrant sex workers, which found that the majority are not being exploited or trafficked. 

Backyard Banter with Tony Murrell

Credit: Unsplash.

RadioLIVE’s Home & Garden host Tony Murrell discusses plants for impatient gardeners, irrigations systems and the raised vegetable garden debate.

'Didymo' Dave Cades mission

Credit: IStock.

Environmental warrior ‘Didymo’ Dave Cade discusses his quest to stop the spread of didymo in Central North Island rivers and the ingenious ways in which he gets his message across to freedom campers.

Motoring with Eric Thompson

Credit: Getty.

Motoring aficionado Eric Thompson joins Wendyl this week to look at a Kiwi-built Trekka museum centrepiece, building roads and "car cabins". 

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