The Long Lunch: In case you missed Wednesday

Long Lunch 24/10/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch with Lynda Hallinan today, here are the best bits from Wednesday October 24th, 2018.

Cannabis study reveals mixed reviews on current prohibition policy

Associate professor Chris Wilkins discusses a study that revealed that most Kiwis who care about cannabis reform would prefer a grow-your-own system. 

The decline of life expectancy and happiness in the US

Couple watching a hurricane in Florida. Photo: Reuters.

Carol Graham, economics professor and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, talks life expectancy and decreasing happiness in the United States.

Former teacher and cat-lover bequeaths large sum to SPCA

SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen talks about the large donation from a former Dundedin teacher and how the money will help the society with its annual $40 million operating budget.

First one thousand days critical to early childhood development. 

Head of UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development, Dr Pia Britto discusses the importance of a child's first one thousand days in reference to fulfilling their full potential.

Parenting Panel: Prepping teens for adult life

Photo: Getty.

This week on the Parenting Panel, Yvonne Godfrey and John Cowan discuss preparing year 13 teens for exams and preparing them for the adult world. 

Musician interview with Kiwi artist Emma G 

Emma G. Photo: Facebook.

The New Zealand-born, Washington DC-based singer/songwriter has been described as a mix between Pink, Adele and Tracy Chapman.

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