Wendyl Wants to Know: Kiwi dip

Long Lunch 01/10/2018
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Wendyl Wants to Know by Wendyl Nissen. 

Nestle Reduced Cream 250mls for $3.49 and Maggi Onion Soup Mix 32g for $1.38.

This classic Kiwi dip is so delicious and easy to make. You just combine the reduced cream with the onion soup, add a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar and put in the fridge. But is it good for you?

Nestle Reduced Cream

Ingredients (in order of greatest quantity):

Cream (58%)

This is ordinary cream which you would buy yourself to serve with desserts or make sauces with. This tells us that most of this reduced cream is cream which stands to reason but there is 38% less fat per serving than standard cream according to the label. Reduced cream is made by heating cream which sterilises it so that it lasts a while in the can and also coagulates and thickens it. So this is good news for those who love their creamy dips. You’ll get just 5.4 g per 25ml  serving from this reduced cream.

Skim Milk This is milk with the fat taken out of it


Milk Solids Non Fat

These are solids found in milk once the water has been removed. Possibly in here to thicken the reduced cream up even more.

Stabilisers (401,407)

The first ingredient is sodium alginate (401) which is a salt which is extracted from brown algae and has no health concerns. The next ingredient is carrageenan (407)

which is a gel extracted from seaweed but as natural as that sounds there are concerns from healthy eaters that it is an intestinal irritant and the joint Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Health Organisation expert committee on food additives advises it be kept out of infant formulas[WN1] .

Maggi Onion Soup

Ingredients when reconstituted:

Onion (7%)

Not a lot of onion at seven percent but you can clearly see the little dried bits in the mix so it’s nice to see some real flavouring in here.

Skim milk Milk which has had the fat taken out of it.

Wheat flour - This is ordinary flour as you would use to bake with.


Maize starch - This is cornflour.

Vegetable Fat (vegetable fat, rosemary extract)

This is basically vegetable oil which is solid at room temperature and therefore called a fat. I can’t tell you what vegetable oil. But it is nice that a real herb such as rosemary has been extracted and added in here for flavour.

Soy sauce powder (soy sauce (contains wheat), dextrin, salt)

Lovely to see soy sauce in here as a flavouring because it is a real food derived from soy beans. Real soy sauce is made from fermented soy beans, water and salt. But to make it into a powdered form there is heat, dextrin ( a form of sugar) and salt. I’ve seen other soy sauce powders also have vegetable oil and silicon dioxide added, so it’s good to see those two ingredients aren’t in here as well.

Flavour enhancer (621)

This is MSG or monosodium glutamate which is avoided by healthy eaters. It is accepted by the NZ Food Standards Authority that some people may experience symptoms such as burning sensations, numbness, chest pain, headache, nausea and asthma but it says that it is okay to have in food as long as it is labelled, even behind three numbers like 621. They advise people who have symptoms to avoid it where possible.


These will be artificial flavours as they have not stated otherwise.

Lactose (from milk)- This is a sugar which is found naturally in milk.

Anticaking agent (341) This is calcium phosphate which is in here to prevent clumping in the powder.

My recommendations:

There really is no substitute for this great Kiwi dip and there’s not a lot in here to do you any harm unless you have an allergy to MSG or are irritated by carraggeenan you should be okay with this, and there is the bonus that you are eating less fat than full cream. I would recommend, however, that when you buy your chips to go with it you go for the simply ready salted variety. If you look on the back of the packet they just list three ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt. If you choose these you are saving yourself a mass of artificial flavourings and additives.


·      38% less fat than a dip using full cream

·      Artificial flavour, but no artificial colours or preservatives.

·      Onion soup component contains MSG

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