Wendyl Wants to Know: Tonic water

Long Lunch 08/10/2018
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Wendyl Wants to Know by Wendyl Nissen. 

Organics Tonic water. $8 for 4 x 250ml

Carbonated water

Sugar (organic)

The term organic is actually used to indicate the farming methods used to grow the sugarcane or sugar beets from which the sugar is obtained. It’s still sugar though and you’ll get 22g per 250g serve which is the same as Schweppe’s tonic water.

Lemon Juice concentrate (organic)

This will be organic lemon juice reduced to a concentrate.

Natural flavours from plant extracts, quassia (bitters) and lime

Quinine (from Chinabark)

Although the use of the bark has been largely superseded by more effective modern medicines, chinabark is the only economically practical source of quinine, a drug that is still recommended for the treatment of malaria

My recommendation:

So this tastes amazing and a lot better than the tonic we are all used to. You get the same amount of sugar but a much better flavour, and the ingredients are mostly organic.

Try it, you won’t go back. 

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