What exactly are 'New Zealand values'?

Long Lunch 01/10/2018
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New Zealand First MP Clayton Mitchell wants to boot out migrants or refugees who don't adhere to "New Zealand values". So what exactly are New Zealand values?

"They're largely Christian-based, but not necessarily aligned to any religion," Mr Mitchell told RadioLIVE's Wendyl Nissen.

"They're about respecting your mum and your dad, respecting women, respecting other New Zealanders, ensuring the people that want to be part of this country aren't bigoted or racist or have any bad feelings towards others."

The Respecting New Zealand Values Bill passed at the New Zealand First party's AGM on Sunday.

Migrants would be required to sign up to 'New Zealand values' like gender equality, marriage equality and the legality of alcohol consumption.

But Massey University Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Spoonley says it's impossible to test for those values.

"'Are you in favour of gender equality?' You're only going to give one answer if you want to get into the country. It really is nonsense," he told Newshub.

Mr Mitchell doesn't give much detail on exactly how a values test would be implemented, except to say migrants will have to "sign up" to New Zealand's values.

NZ First MPs will consider whether they want to go forward with the idea when they next meet.

Listen to the full interview with Clayton Mitchell above.

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