Berry farm closes pick-your-own service due to ‘a few ratbags’

Long Lunch 20/11/2018

A Whanganui berry farm has cancelled its pick-your-own service after experiencing theft over the past couple of years.

Windermere Berry Farm has temporarily halted its pick-your-own experience for the second year in a row, this time after catching thieves in an off-limits block.

While the berry farm often catches people trying to steal their berries – a few successful illegal hauls can seriously hurt the business.

Managing director Tony Boswell told RadioLIVE that the worst offenders caught ended up paying around $860 for their berries.

“We’re talking about an SUV with shelves in the back – full [of berries].

But Mr Boswell emphasised that dishonest behavious was  among a small minority of his visitors.  

“Most people are not dishonest,” he said.

The berry farm was purchased by the Boswell family in 2011 and sells honey, jam, wine and berries on its Whanganui property. 

Listen to the full interview with Tony Boswell above.

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