Boxing New Zealand ends ties with corporate events

Long Lunch 08/11/2018
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Boxing New Zealand is cutting ties with corporate boxing events after the death of charity boxer Kain Parsons on Wednesday. 

The 37-year-old died days after being knocked unconscious during the OneStaff Fight for Christchurch at Horncastle Arena on Saturday night.

Boxing New Zealand is the governing body for amateur and Olympic style boxing.

Chairman Keith Walker says the organisation has had “very real and grave concerns” over participants’ safety for some time.

It’s not been a difficult call to make.

“It’s an area of the sport that we’ve always been concerned about. We have got very strong regulations around corporate boxing, however, we don’t totally control boxing in New Zealand,” Mr Walker told RadioLIVE.

“Events like this that happen under other people’s jurisdiction, that we have no control over, is very concerning because it does affect our sport.”

From now on, boxers must be "registered with Boxing New Zealand and undergo annual and pre bout medical checks and are matched as closely as possible, according to age and weight categories," Mr Walker said. 

Kain Parsons. Photo: File.

Mr Parsons' death has raised alarm bells about the safety of corporate boxing in New Zealand. Spectators told Newshub he was knocked out and fell unconscious after hitting his head on canvas. He immediately went into a violent seizure, before medical professionals swarmed the ring.

Police confirmed Mr Parsons had passed away in hospital after succumbing to his injuries. Inspector Darryl Sweeney said police are liaising with event organisers and officials as they determine what happened. 

Listen to the full interview with Keith Walker above.

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