Canterbury Rugby League calls for booze ban in parks

Long Lunch 23/11/2018
Photo: Facebook.

Canterbury Rugby League is calling for alcohol to be outlawed from parks in Christchurch to prevent unwanted boozy behaviour and incidents.

The regional body made a submission to council to ban booze at 20 parks during the league season from March 1 to September 30.

In its submission, Canterbury Rugby League said 70 percent of its clubs were seeing booze-related behaviour every week.

“We actually want this to be an alcohol-free area so that people in our community – people from the rugby league community – can come along and enjoy a game without any concerns of any inappropriate antisocial behaviour,” said George Lajpold, capability and game manager for Canterbury Rugby League.

While its intentions are to clean up sideline behaviour, Canterbury Rugby League also draws on its lack of legal authority to address alcohol-related incidents themselves.

“If a club member tries to address that sort of issue, they’re pretty much hamstrung,” Mr Lajpold told RadioLIVE.

If the submission is accepted, the parks that would see the ban would include Addington, Bishopdale, Linwood, Halswell, MacFarlane, Bromley, Crosbie, Lesley, Kyle, Branston, Papanui Domain and Spreydon Domain.

The council says amending the bylaws for Canterbury Rugby League’s submission will require further consultation and a report.

Listen to the full interview with George Lajpold above.

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