Could a battery fire have brought down doomed flight MH370?

Long Lunch 26/11/2018
Photo: File.

A veteran pilot and aviation safety expert has come up with a theory that the pilots of doomed flight MH370 were killed when a fire consumed all the oxygen in the cockpit, knocking them out.

Ross Aimer, who used to fly for United Airlines, believes the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200's lithium-ion batteries might have caught fire, spreading so quickly the pilots would have had no time to save the plane with 227 passengers on board.

Speaking to RadioLIVE’s Mike Puru, Mr Aimer was quick to suggest this was just a theory.

"My goal, mainly, was to spark some interest in the search,” he said.

It’ll be a shame [to] never find out about the biggest mystery in aviation.

MH370 had more than 220kg of lithium-ion batteries on board. A lithium-ion battery fire brought down a UPS Airlines flight in Dubai in 2010, killing two people. There has also been a rise in lithium-ion mobile phone batteries catching alight on planes.

An investigation earlier this year said a battery fire was highly unlikely to be the cause.

Another clue Mr Aimer points to is that the plane's flaps - used to slow the aircraft down ahead of landing - are believed to have been up when the plane hit the water.

MH370 vanished in March 2014, and is believed to have crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Listen to the full interview with Ross Aimer above.

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