Govt pledges $3m towards Erebus memorial

Long Lunch 06/11/2018
Mt Erebus. Photo: Newshub.

The Government has announced plans to assist with a National Memorial for those who died in the Erebus disaster.

257 passengers and crew died on the flight over Antarctica in 1979. The memorial will be erected in Auckland to mark the 40th anniversary of the tragedy.

Designers are being asked to submit ideas for a memorial, and family members of the victims have also been asked to contribute ideas.

Families of the victims have long asked for a national memorial to be erected in New Zealand to allow them somewhere to grieve.

Captain Allan Boyce, now retired, was the standby co-pilot for the ill-fated Air New Zealand flight and knew some of the crew.

He says the families and friends of those who perished are pleased there will be a tangible memorial site.

“We’ve been working on it since January 2016. So it’s been a long journey.”

Air New Zealand only apologised for the accident in 2009 and it’s taken a further 10 years for a memorial site to be made.

“It was such a horrendous accident that people just tried to block it out of their minds, and the families were very hurt about it,” Capt Boyce told RadioLIVE.

The Government announced in November 2017 the memorial will be built before the 40th anniversary, but later delayed the building for two years.

It's budgeting $3 million for the memorial.

Listen to the full interview with Captain Allan Boyce above.

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