Can the USA save itself from more mass shootings?

Long Lunch 13/11/2018
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Another week, another mass shooting in the United States.

It’s a sad reality that unfortunately has just become as synonymous with America as hot dogs, Trump, Hollywood and Botox.

Just last week in at a country music bar in California’s 1000 Oaks, 13 young people lost their lives including the gunman who ran amok.

While the rest of the world watches on in horror and constant disbelief that these events are still occurring, one man is dedicating his life to try prevent them.

Garen Wintemute is one of the very few public health experts researching gun violence in the United States and joined Lynda Hallinan on the RadioLIVE Long Lunch today.

So what can America do to help prevent more mass shootings?

“Well, I think aspects of our general culture certainly play a role." Wintemute explains.

"My focus has been on approximate causes… firearm policy for example. Our ability to conduct adequate background checks so that people who are prohibited from purchasing firearms can’t actually do that.”

“Violence is a really big and complicated problem and it will require a lot of different solutions, all to be implemented.”

There is hope for America and its people though, attitudes towards gun access in the US is changing more and more across the board. Recently medical professionals have been trying to talk more with patients and potential at risk people directly about firearms.

“There’s been a rapidly growing interest from physicians in getting off the side lines and doing what they can do to prevent [gun] violence.”

“When they see a situation, where there is risk involved and firearms are part of that risk or even as part of general counselling. To talk about firearms and minimise access.”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) isn’t particularly happy about this new development but American health professionals in recent days have said enough is enough and they have, in their tens of thousands, signed a declaration saying it is their business and they are going to do something about it.

Listen to the full interview with Garen Wintemute above.

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