Kiwis rank housing, petrol prices as most concerning issues in new survey

Long Lunch 22/11/2018
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Housing, fuel prices and living costs are among the top concerns for New Zealanders, a new survey has revealed.

The latest Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor shows Kiwis are now more worried about rising fuel costs than they are about healthcare or poverty.

“Our survey was conducted when fuel prices were at their highest so New Zealanders were obviously feeling the impact,” said Ipsos managing director Carin Hercock.

The survey is conducted regularly, asking more than 600 New Zealanders to select from a list of 20 issues the ones they feel are the most important facing the country.

Ms Hercock says the latest results are from the third survey conducted in 2018.

Four of the top five issues are the same as those found in February and July 2018, although the issue of fuel prices has jumped ahead from 15th position in February to 8th position in July and is now in 2nd position.

According to the Ipsos research, 31 percent of respondents believe fuel prices are an important issue.

What are Kiwis most concerned about?

  1. Housing – 45%, down 5 points
  2. Petrol prices – 31%, up 15 points
  3. Cost of living – 29%, up 3 points
  4. Healthcare – 25%, down 6 points
  5. Poverty – 24%, down 8 points

Source: Results from Ipsos October survey, compared to July poll.

The survey also asked Kiwis to score the current coalition government, receiving a 5.7 result out of a maximum score of 10 – an increase of 0.3 percent since July 2018.

Listen to the full interview with Carin Hercock above.

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