Medicinal cannabis legislation expanded for faster, better access

Long Lunch 30/11/2018
Photo: File.

The Government has proposed changes to its medicinal cannabis legislation to improve how eligible Kiwis can access the products.

The changes were proposed in the second reading of the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill on Thursday.

Health Minister Dr David Clark, who was the one who proposed the changes, told RadioLIVE he’s “delighted” that Parliament has backed the bill.

The proposed legislation has expanded medicinal cannabis access to people in palliation (people with life-limiting illnesses), rather than limiting it to the terminally ill in their last 12 months.

Dr Clark says it will be up to a clinician to determine if a person is eligible for palliative care.

In addition, regulations for the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme must be completed no later than a year after the law comes into effect.

“This bill is the most progressive one on medicinal products that’s ever been before the Parliament,” said Dr Clark. 

Listen to the full interview with Dr David Clark above.

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