One in five Kiwi families can’t afford Christmas - survey

Long Lunch 19/11/2018
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This year's festive season won't be so festive for many New Zealanders.

One in five Kiwis say they can't afford to celebrate Christmas, a new survey commissioned by The Salvation Army has found.

Around one in four New Zealanders will face hard times this festive season, with just under half saying it's a time of financial struggle, according to the survey of 1000 people aged over 18.

It’s the average families who are struggling to get ahead and to cope.

Pam Waugh, head of Welfare Services at The Salvation Army, says the results speak to the "rise of the working poor", telling RadioLIVE it's a reflection of people living on fixed incomes who are struggling with increasing costs.

In 2017, 17,000 New Zealanders sought help with the basics of life from The Salvation Army in the lead up to Christmas. And this year the organisation expects it to be "just as bad" without significant public support.

The Salvation Army's annual Christmas Appeal which launches on Monday, under the theme 'All I want for Christmas'.

Ten percent of Kiwis surveyed by the Salvation army said they go without so their kids can celebrate Christmas. You can donate to the Salvation Army here.

Listen to the full interview with Pam Waugh above.

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