Religious classes dropped from Auckland school timetable

Long Lunch 01/12/2018
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Religious classes have been dropped from the timetable at Red Beach School, just two years after the Supreme Court dismissed a case against the school.

Auckland father Jeff McClintock launched a case against Red Beach School in 2016, arguing that his daughter was placed in Bible classes without permission.

When she was permitted to not participate, she was seated in the area normally reserved for misbehaved students.

Mr McClintock eventually removed his daughter from the school after the years-long dispute.

David Hines, a spokesperson of the Secular Education Network, said he was happy to hear that the "deceit" has finally come to an end.

"It’s been sold as a value programme, which is a complete lie. But alas they are getting rid of the deceit and being an honest school," he told RadioLIVE.

Red Beach School told parents that the religious studies programme was dropped due to increasing curriculum requirements and new draft guidelines on religious instruction.

The school's board of trustees told RadioLIVE that the decision to cut the programme was unrelated to the dispute with Mr McClintock.

Draft guidelines released by the Ministry of Education in September would require primary and intermediate schools to get permission from families to teach religious alternatives, and provide alternatives for those who don’t want to partake in the studies.

The draft guidelines will finalise its consultation period on December 7.

Listen to the full interview with David Hine above.

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