The Long Lunch: In case you missed Monday

Long Lunch 05/11/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch today with Lynda Hallinan, you can listen back here to the best bits from Monday November 5th, 2018.

100kph too fast for some rural roads

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Bevan Woodward, transport planner and MOVEMENT spokesperson, talks about why he believes the speed limit of 100kph on rural roads is too much and the New Zealand Transport Agency effectively has blood on its hands for failing to take action.

US Midterms: Vote as though 'lives depend on it'

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Diego Sanchez, Director of Advocacy Policy and Partnerships at PFLAG National, talks about why the organisation is urging Americans to vote as though 'lives depend on it' amid reports of Donald Trump wanting to define transgender people out of existence.

We will observe and report illegal activity

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Shannon McGauley, bail bondsman and head of the Texas Minutemen, talks about what has motivated him to head south to the Rio Grande to meet the migrant caravan that is travelling toward the US border.

He says he doesn't want new laws he just wants the existing laws to be enforced.

Bag of Books with Joan Mackenzie

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Joan Mackenzie from Whitcoulls reviews the following books on The Long Lunch:

The Reckoning by John Grisham:
Small Mississippi town local hero wakes up one morning, gets his gun and goes and shoots the small town local priest then hands himself in. Refuses to explain, and won’t utter a single word in his own defense, so his lawyer has nothing to work with and he’s heading to the electric chair. Apparently based on a true story which Grisham does from time to time.

Made in Scotland: My Grand Adventures in a Wee Country by Billy Connolly:
His life and times.

Lenny’s Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee:
Anyone who loved the book (and film) Wonder will adore this. Lenny and her younger brother Davey live with their Mum who works two jobs to support them all and there’s not much joy until Mum wins a subscription to Burrell’s Build-It-At-Home Encyclopedia series, which has ants and amphibians and beetles and eagles and thousands of other amazing things and the kids are enchanted. But Davey is a very tall child, and he won’t stop growing – so as their horizons expand through all their newfound knowledge, their world contracts into a mess of worry. Perfect for readers aged 9 – 100.

Food News with Lauraine Jacobs

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This week in Food News, Lauraine Jacobs is talking about spring vegetables, broad beans, asparagus, sugar snaps and snow peas.

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