The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

Long Lunch 08/11/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch today with Carly Flynn you can listen back to the best bits here from Thursday November 8th 2018.

Health, Mind and Body: Dealing with exam time stress

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Michaela Pascoe, postdoctoral research fellow in exercise and mental health from Victoria University in Melbourne, talks about ways in which young people around New Zealand can help deal with exam stress.

'The US has recalibrated a bit'

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Chris Lu, former White House Cabinet Secretary and assistant to United States President Barack Obama, discusses Wednesday's US Midterm elections from a Democrats perspective.

A lot depends on how Democrats want to play this result

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Aaron Blake, senior political reporter at The Washington Post, goes over the winners and losers from the US midterm elections and what it all means for the US going forward.

Second Congo ebola outbreak may not be containable

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Erica Ollmann, ebola expert from The Scripps Research Institute, talks about the possibility of the second outbreak of the disease in Congo this year being so serious that it may not be containable.

Boxing NZ cuts ties with corporate boxing

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Keith Walker, Boxing New Zealand's chairman, explains why the organisation - which is the governing body for amatuer and Olympic-style boxing in this country - has decided to cease its involvement with corporate boxing in the wake of the death of Christchurch man Kain Parsons.

Wellington based company making bamboo art maps

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Aran Pudney, designer from Wellington-based The Furnace, a small Kiwi owned, entrepreneurial design company, joins The Long Lunch talking about making beautiful map artwork that doesn't cost the Earth.

Hollywood goss with Marc Malkinn

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Marc Malkin from is the Senior Events & Lifestyle Editor and he joins Carly Flynn on The Long Lunch with this week's gossip from Hollywood.

Malkin's talking about Taraji P. Henson wanting to be a Disney princess. She’s in the new Wreck It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet and the US midterms and how Taylor Swift’s pick to win senate seat didn’t win.

Why your dog needs a role model

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This week in The Long Lunch pet feature, Jordan Coulson from joins us talking about how important it is for your dog to have a good role model.

He says puppies who observe others learn faster.

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