The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

Long Lunch 15/11/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch today with Lynda Hallinan, you can listen back to the interviews here from Thursday November 15th 2018.

Move to ban rough sleepers in Tauranga

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Terry Molloy, Tauranga City Council chairman discusses the move to ban begging and rough sleeping around shops and eateries in three of its CBDs.

Call for boxing to be abolished

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Dr Kate Baddock, chair of the New Zealand Medical Association discusses the organisation’s push to abolish boxing altogether in this country, in the wake of the tragic death of Christchurch father Kain Parsons, who died just over a week ago after being knocked out in a charity boxing match.

Migrant caravan reaches Tijuana

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Delphine Schrank, Reuters chief correspondent for Mexico and Central America joins us for an update on the migrant caravan that is headed toward the US and has now reached the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

Moutere Valley man struggling with death of dog at police hands

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Todd Douglas, Moutere Valley man talks about the death of his beloved family dog, Mud, who was shot dead by police while carrying out on a search on his property, and the lasting impact the shooting is having on him and his family.

Health, Mind & Body

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Online fitness trainer Kate Ivey gives advice on how to change your approach to your health and fitness.

2019 wine guide

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Michael Cooper, New Zealand’s most acclaimed wine writer talks about the release of his 2019 Buyer’s Guide to NZ wine, the state of the wine industry in this country, and why you won’t need to remortgage the house to experience some of New Zealand’s best wine.
Here are best red and white buys of the year:
Best White Wine Buy of the Year
Thornbury Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018
★★★★, $14.50
Best Red Wine Buy of the Year
Esk Valley Gimblett Gravels Merlot/Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
★★★★✩, $16 – $20

Summertime pet care

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Shalsee Vigeant joins us with tips for pet care over the summer months.

NZ's great sausage debate

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Glenn McKendry, manager of Westmere Butchery and co-winner of the 2018 New Zealand’s best sausage award weighs in on the great ‘onions first’ sausage debate, the allure of a great snarler, and what’s tickling the buying public’s fancy ahead of the festive season.

Social Media and Technology

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Vaughn Davis joins the show with the latest updates in social media and technology.

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