The Long Lunch: In case you missed Thursday

Long Lunch 22/11/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch with Lynda Hallinan today, you can listen back to the interviews here from Thursday November 22nd, 2018.

Happy Thanksgiving

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US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown shares a little about Thanksgiving traditions.

Lawrence touches down in Australia

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Toby Crockford, Brisbane Times writer, discusses the arrival of Bali Nine member Renae Lawrence, who has touched down in Australia this morning after spending 13 years in prison in Indonesia after the group attempted to smuggle 8.3 kilograms of heroin from Indonesia to Australia.

Empty cemetery runs out of space

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Allan Sanson, Waikato District Council Mayor on what’s driven the council to place a ban on the pre-purchasing of burial plots in the region.

78 year old claims to be USA's most prolific serial killer

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Kyle Swenson, Washington Post writer on the chilling case of American serial killer, 78-year-old Samuel Little, who now claims he is responsible for 90 killings across the country from 1970 - 2013, which would make him the USA’s most prolific serial killer of all time.

Health books

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Columnist for Good magazine, Rachel Grunwell reviews the latest health related books.

Turkey day dangers

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Joe Galbo, Public Affairs and Social Media Specialist from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on the serious risks that come with revellers deep-frying turkey on Thanksgiving.

Petrol price concern jumps

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Carin Hercock, Ipsos managing director on the new survey which shows New Zealanders are now more worried about petrol prices than they are about healthcare or poverty.

Thinking of getting a puppy for Christmas? What you need to know.

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Jordan Coulson on everything you need to know if you are thinking of getting a puppy for Christmas.

Shark scientist gets bitten by alligator

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Melissa Marquez, shark scientist on Shark Week and being bitten and dragged by a 3 metre alligator while filming while filming Cuba’s Secret Shark Lair, and how she fell in love with sharks in the first place.

Why wombat poop is square

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Patricia Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology on the science discovery she could forever be remembered for, how wombats are able to produce cuboid poop.

Kiwi's demanding more turkey

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Monique Smith, Crozier’s Free Range Turkeys owner on how the demand for turkey in this country is bigger than ever thanks to Kiwis getting on board with Thanksgiving celebrations.

Social media and technology

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Vaughn Davis, on his latest finds in the world of social media and technology.

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