The Long Lunch: In case you missed Tuesday

Long Lunch 27/11/2018

If you missed The Long Lunch today with Lynda Hallinan, you can listen back here to the interviews from Tuesday, November 27th 2018.

The crying game

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Leah Sharman, PhD candidate from the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland, discusses research that shows crying doesn’t actually release toxins, though it might make you feel better.

Youthtown post Mulitalo case

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Paula Kearns, Youthtown chief executive on the shocking case of former employee, Devonte Mulitalo, a 21-year-old youth worker who groomed and sexually abused a 12-year-old who was enrolled in the iconic organisation’s programme, and how it has impacted Youthtown’s screening policies.

Insight Lander touches down on Mars

Photo: NASA.

Avi Loeb, chairman of the astronomy department at Harvard University on the crucial insights the just-touched-down NASA Insight lander will offer after arriving on Mars following a a six-month, 300-million-mile journey that has come at a cost of $1 billion.

Controversial Xmas float to parade again

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Glen James, Nelson jeweller on his controversial ‘Redneck Xmas’ float, the reaction it garnered after appearing in Richmond on Sunday, and why it’ll be making a repeat appearance on the Nelson event this coming Saturday.

BYODs in schools

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Paula Gair from looks at BYODs and BYOCs in schools. For more details go to Long Lunch page at here.

Humour in the workplace

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Dr Barbara Plester, University of Auckland Business School senior lecturer on the issue of humour in the workplace.

North Island now 30cm closer to South Island

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Dr Sigrún Hreinsdóttir, GNS Science geodetic scientist on the fact that the North and South Islands are getting closer.

Friend remembers slain missionary

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John Middleton Ramsey, friend of slain missionary John Allen Chau on how spreading Christian gospel and ultimately cost Chau his life.

Baby Boomers panel

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Sir Bob Harvey and Louise Wallace are our Baby Boomers panel today, talking about santa parades, office jokes and being barefoot in the mall.

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