Why a 190kg model wants to become the world’s heaviest woman

Long Lunch 07/11/2018
Photo: Twitter.

A web model from Portugal says her terminal illness has motivated her to eat enough in order to become the world’s fattest woman.

Known as ‘Lilith the Cenobite’, the 26-year-old model is a part of the feedism community, where she is paid to eat large amounts of food for the enjoyment of her viewers.

Lilith, who was born with thalassemia anemia, says she was given blood transfusions that led to an iron buildup in the blood. She says this lead to severe scarring of the liver that is seen at the terminal stages of chronic liver disease.

While others who are terminally ill may be able to travel or relax, Lilith says she simply doesn’t have the money to do that. Instead, she says eating is how she wants to go.

She became a ‘feedee’ after scraping by on Portugal’s national insurance from her illness, telling RadioLIVE that she could hardly afford food at the time. By becoming a ‘feedee’, Lilith could get paid to eat. 

“I don’t spend any money on food. The only time I eat is when people provide me with that. It’s not necessary part of the fetish but more so that I don’t really want to buy food,” she told RadioLIVE.

Before becoming a ‘feedee’, she weighed around 50kg. She now weighs just shy of 190kg, with hopes to top the weight of the world's largest woman, which is currently at around 286kg.

“The only thing I really want to do is to reach this goal before I go.”

Listen to the full interview with Lilith the Cenobite above.

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