Craft beer diploma now a thing in New Zealand

Long Lunch 06/12/2018
Photo: Getty.

Craft beer enthusiasts can now earn New Zealand's first ever tertiary qualification for commercial brewing.

Otago Polytechnic's upgraded Central Campus in Bannockburn includes a commercial craft brewery, where up to 16 students will join the 2019 course.

The year-long course, based at Rough Rock Brewing Co, will immerse students in the history and science of craft beer while offering hands-on experience at the brewery twice a week.

Central Campus head of school Alex Huffadine told RadioLIVE that students will work in the on-campus commercial brewery for five weeks before making  their own beers.

"Once they’ve got some sort of experience under their belt throughout the year they start to develop their own recipes and flavours in their nanokit," Mr Huffadine said.

Students will eventually be issued a 50 litre 'nano-brewery' where they can apply their new knowledge to brew their own beers.

While a craft beer course may seem like a breeze, Mr Huffadine warns that they will be expected to come prepared with knowledge before attending various workshops.

"We expect the students in this brewing programme to come already loaded up with information."

Rough Rock Brewing Co is expected to release its first beers in 2019.

Listen to the full interview with Alex Huffadine above.

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